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The term "local food" acquires a new meaning when you can sit by the window and watch the fishing boats deliver the catch of the day! We are passionate about local products and always use the best ingredients - which happen to be mostly local.

All our fish courses are locally sourced - we collect the fish directly from the docks and prepare it sparkling fresh.

One of our two signature dishes is Boknafisk - codfish that has been dried whole for a few weeks in winter, then cooked and served with boiled potatoes, puréed peas, bacon, mustard and brunost (brown whey cheese spread).

The menu always contains three to four fish courses.

Reindeer shank is our second signature dish, using local ingredients.

You'll always find reindeer, lamb, pork, beef and chicken dishes on our menu. We also serve pizza, burgers and other snacks, as well as vegetarian alternatives.

We provide take-away food and catering.

Business hours: 

Monday-Friday: 15.00-20.00
Saturday: 11.00-20.00

The reception is open during the same hours as the restaurant.

Let us know if you need a late check-in and we will accommodate your meal requirements.



We offer catering services for small and large parties, courses, conferences and meetings. Contact us by phone: (+47) 78 49 81 51 or email: